This is me after I was told I would never walk again - I completed more marathons (slow but I finished)

"The Journey Has Begun"

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives ~ a statement that could never be more true !

Each day means ~ "the Journey Has Begun" ~ because yesterday is gone.

Focus on today - the here and now.

I had a major set back in my life with a back injury and was told I would never walk again. That was my Paradigm Shift. I was an avid runner and body builder - so I felt devastated beyond words.

I put on weight and depression set in.... and it dragged me down for some time... and then one day I decided I can make another Paradigm Shift and not give in... and I did... and I'm still walking and enjoying life in many ways... power walking... rowing... kayaking... cycling... swimming... tabada fun... and gentle weights...  

NEVER GIVE UP        NEVER GIVE UP       let me repeat       NEVER GIVE UP